A Bot Bit Our Stripe Account !!!

A Bot Bit Our Stripe Account !!!

Update: All of the refunds have been made!

And we got a lot of charges to refund … most are for between $3-5 … and I’m gettin’ to them. Sorry for the inconvenience y’all.

Thank you Debbie from Wisco for calling my attention to this !!

What Happened ?

The plug-in that we use for Stripe Payments is no longer compatible with this version of ClassicPress (which is a variation of Wordpress that retains the older Admin aesthetic.)

Just a sign that I need to finally convert to a full Wordpress installation and stop being such a stubborn ass about it :/

Sorry about the inconvenience !!

What I’m Doing About It !

The first thing I did was deactivate the faulty plug-in !

Next I got in Contact with Stripe Support.

I got a few tips on how to handle the situation; learned about bulk refunds through the dashboard. Thankfully, I already had payments set to manual payouts to my bank!! Nothing had been sent to my account ~

As we can see there are quite a few incomplete payments; and payments pending — I’m going to wait for these to process. And then when the waters have calmed I will continue making the refunds.

There were quite a few successful results already …

It really is quite a surprise to get hit like this; and I'm really trying to comprehend the motivation ... maybe it was stupid of me to refund all of the money even though I was innocent of any wrongdoing. My apologies to the Robin Hood for perhaps refusing their gift; though I'm not truly in need. It's more important that I maintain a solid business ethic.