A Whole New DAO

A new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us “No”; or where to go … or say we’re only dreaming …

A Whole New DAO

So much has changed since that last post announcing the DFLDAO … and well, that is part of this medium’s dynamism; it’s ability to change as quickly as consensus.

DFLDAO is a community built to support a laboratory; this is where study happens.

We are still focused on results; though our research is based in the study of processes.

Yes, Dream Freely, but that is not enough; we need to explain how, and provide suitable resources for others to begin.

This is ...


It would be best to first, state our goal, which is to expand educative horizons on the following two-levels:

  1. At the executive level in the developed world.
  2. At the unbanked level in the developing world.

Web3 provides the requisite tools to do this with optimized, and to maximum, effect.


The platform focuses on improving learner’s pronunciation in their target language. Comprising of both a text-message course, as well as structured 30 minute classes.

The platform is primed for web3 enhancement.

idioke Daily

We start by providing value in-exchange for fiat … and when Phantom gets their mobile wallet for Android; users will be airdropped an NFT (limit 1000)… and that’s just the beginning.

This is the primary product; accessible to anyone who uses WhatsApp or Telegram. It is the precursor to the mobile application for practicing pronunciation your target language, through music …

idioke Mobile

Deputized contributors are able to upload contributions to the idioke library, and are compensated with a token they are easily able to convert to their chosen fiat.

The idioke Library is a collection of songs, with their lyrics transcribes, translated and spoken without in isolation.

The public facing idioke app will enable users to browse our library, as well as schedule personal classes, join reading groups and more …

Monthly Courses

The following courses begin as one-month crash courses, the introductions to their communities: Rebel Coding & Manifesting Empathy.

The goal is not to create experts, rather to provide a solid foundation of the language and structures used within each community.

Rebel Coding

The course covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python through eight lectures over four-weeks.

The course is built on active, hands-on, learning from Day 0, while classes are capped at six learners per cohort.

Seats start as low as $100 per month, and include 40 minutes of one-one-one time each week, as well an entry & exit meetings.

Manifesting Empathy

This course is aimed at white males and covers the topics of Sexism, Racism, Able-ism and Power Dynamics, through eight conversations over four-weeks.

Each week also contains topical challenges, as well as one-on-one conversations.

Seats start at .2 ETH, with cohorts capped at five seats per cohort.

idioke Monthly

I already have a moderately successful job teaching English to executives and their peers in Colombia; and the next step is to expand this by offering exclusive memberships each month to cover my living expenses.

Hustle the economics, don’t let the economics hustle you …

Membership grants members to a certain number of 30-minute classes each month, as well as text and email support. That’s it; with eight students I am able to comfortably focus on the remainder of the work.

The importance of slow growth can be maximized in both of these courses; the first five cohorts comprised of invitation only cohorts … creating a collaborative community, ready and willing to help those who will come after them.

Unique NFTs will be airdropped to these initial participants accordingly.

DFLDAO Advisory Chairs

There are five positions officially available; and before talking about the upside, we will discuss the price, the reasoning and the obligations.

3 ETH x Five

The Price: Equals 15 ETH;

The Reasoning: Enough to cover a few initial gas fees, ape into a few DAOs (developerDAO and DAOMasters), while retaining a modest treasury.

As a community we will decide how to reinvest this treasury, while using our discussions as the basis for learning materials. Five people is a small enough group to facilitate initial Q&A's while having a solid base for expanding the group.

The Obligation: Each seat will be presented with a personalized NFT; and will require a representative from the seat meet with Culture Clap for one-hour each month. These conversations will be two-way, each party having time to ask specific questions; though Culture Clap reserves the luxury of going first in these instances.

The Rewards:

  • Exclusive airdrops (music, poetry & more)
  • Alpha-always on the newest ways of thinking.
  • Exclusive access to course graduates & community creators.

Detailed readers will notice that groups, or funds can purchase a seat ... this is encouraged; and enables access for an entire community to the DFLDAO community.