Angels Invest In Me

Our niche is entry-level learning resources and personnel; and we've got products for two audiences in the water already. Our philosophy is to structure and automate learning experiences in a way that are adaptable; to compliment individual learning styles, rather than fight them.

Angels Invest In Me

'Cause we gon' make some money ... but we're gonna do a lot of good too!

How are we going to make money?

We're going to use the initial investment to remove the largest sunk cost; while simultaneously removing future labor costs significantly.

The remainder of the work made more efficient by the remote nature of all of our products.

Our niche is entry-level learning resources and personnel; and we've got products for two audiences in the water already.

Our philosophy is to structure and automate learning experiences in a way that is adaptable; to compliment individual learning styles, rather than fight them.

This means starting simply, and allowing space for human interaction and creativity;

This encourages us to start small and economically accessible to a larger group of people.

Rebel Coding introduces Web Development.

idioke introduces grammar, and refines the pronunciation, of a target language.

And while we may begin at entry-level; our obsession with this method stems from the foundation effect it will have on our ability to grow in to the future.

Rebel Coding

An eight-step program students access through their browser using JupyterHub. Students exit with a personal Github site, open-source contributions, and a network to encourage their future work.

There is an email course on Gumroad, as well as a one-month crash course available through Rebel Coding.

I've done zero promotions, as I do not have immediate urgency to pursue these goal incorrectly or with haste. I count that as a good thing.

Small cohorts // Accessible material // Tiered Revenue (Lab & Coaching)


idioke Daily is a method of asynchronously teaching language pronunciation through WhatsApp; and scaling it. Place the lessons in a database; shit's Ronco – set it and ...

Presently there are 20+ individuals participating in a beta-launch of the program, lasting from Oct 3 to January 8, 2022.

This then leads to other product offerings, group language classes and more; further more, to a mobile app.

The mobile app displays a YouTube music video, with the lyrics both written and spoken underneath; this is meant to help users improve their pronunciation.

It is the products leading up to the app are what create the community able to sustain the app as we grow. As well, there are some crypto-adjacent interests; though not for show.

I am a technical founder, interested in creating productive functionality.

Who am I looking for ?!

Investors who embody three specific characteristics.

  1. First impulse is to give.
  2. Wants to build relationships.
  3. Domain expert, eager to share.

I've found the first two within myself, and seek guidance in nurturing them further by those with more experience; and who are able to help me as I fortify myself in the third.

In so many ways, I am looking for mentors; I was born a bastard orphan, quite literally. I was then raised by the son of a farmer who drank too much before being sent off to Vietnam; and a daughter forever lost in her mother's shadow ... I've made it this far nearly alone, though am not above asking for help.

To the point that I've actually built this financial incentive ... and called it DreamFreely.

These projects will make money. They do now, and they will continue to at scale; the question isn't how, but when.

And that's entirely dependent on the network ... and that's where the dreams come in ...

Breaking VC

Though I also want those who understand giving as Kahlil describes it ...

See first that you yourself deserve to be a giver, and an instrument of giving. For in truth it is life that gives unto life - while you, who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness.

And so there is a $1,000 application fee to apply for the ability to invest in my work.

If selected, you'll need to invest another $4,000 ... and in return, you will receive a .5% stake in DreamFreely Ventures.

There are five advisor/investor position being initially opened.

The remaining 20 applicants will continue to receive quarterly updates and be the first availed of future investment opportunities.

And this is how we begin to break VC; by realizing, and acting upon the realization, that those historically disenfranchised are able to do incredible things with very little; innovating by necessity, inspiring by default and helping us all to imagine more fully.

And so investing in projects like these, and people such as me ... it may seem odd, and unusual ... but maybe that's what we need a bit more of right now ...

Who am I?

The one destined to do this work.

I have the unique set of skills required to be successful in creating these projects and setting them sail for others to utilize. Both the intellect, and the charisma; I've just been systemically denied the economic resources, and network, so many of my peers have been allowed.

I've also created, not just programs and applications, but poetry and music ... and I bring this holistic embrace to my ethos and praxis in developing both programs and organizations/teams.

Able to be firm, my joy is found in nurturing the soft and inquisitive. Fiery is the passion that burns to create and innovate; though equally tranquil is the ocean demanding a pause to appreciate each moment ... and I haven't changed in nearly two decades; grown maybe ... but changed ... I think it's too late for that by now ...

So you can trust me to be the same person tomorrow, as I was yesterday, and the day before that ... constantly working on this work.

Because, as Kahlil also said, work is love made visible.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, either on Twitter, or via email.

One thing we didn't cover in-depth, is exactly what the initial funds will be used for ... real estate to build a school, and seeding the idioke song catalog and shoring up our tech stack/trajectory.

Though we'll elaborate more on this in another post :)