Crypto Native

Many may feel that calling themselves a *-native anything is merely an accurate use of a word. When the repeated, diluted use of the term does perpetuate an erasure of the genocide enacted to create our shared reality. Little things matter.

Crypto Native
Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke

In this series I will discuss many possibilities, and some probabilities with more speculation than a Cardana-maxi on an acid trip … Though, not without some basis in consensus reality.

As may now be more obvious, the web3 space is dripping with Euro-centric, concentrated wealth. This follows with so many other public and private spaces, the world over.

And accordingly, there is growing push back …

Although I do not have the credentials to tell anyone what to do; I can share stories, allegories, parables and experiences that may shed light on the journeys of others.

Admittedly, so many stories are merely reflections, refractions or permutations of stories we’ve already heard. Though others say genius is merely the ability to say what we already know in a manner we can more easily access, enact and perceive.

Many may feel that calling themselves a *-native anything is merely an accurate use of a word. When the repeated, diluted use of the term does perpetuate an erasure of the genocide enacted to create our shared reality. Little things matter.

The Miniscule

The mustard seed matters, is what Jesus said. Or perhaps it’s that comma in your code, which should have been a period … we cannot overlook our innocent, or idle, mistakes.

Doing so, is in fact, a very slippery slope.

Perhaps this is the reason contemporary corporate rigor has us all running from crisis to solution without time to contemplate the consequences. While inversely, meditation and yoga have expanded as heal-alls for a withering, starving soul.

It is not that either of these practices are inherently bad, but what has been sold, or rather, what recent clientele have been purchasing, is merely the husks of these practices. This leaves so many still searching for nourishment.

When simple truths remain; we are more than our senses perceive, and we will never be able to comprehend our totality. While lastly, we can still find peace.

Brotherhood of the Alchemist

The Disconnect

Our minds are constantly being fed; our imaginations being pumped with digital steroids ... and while some of us exercise, have trainers, and more ... how connected are we to our bodies ?

And why would this even matter ?

The stimuli invading our mental, emotional and physical spaces pushes us from experiencing our present, lived reality.

Often, before we've taken the time to comprehend who we are, or how we've become, we rush off attempting to make demands on who we want, or think we should, be ...

Tragically I have see this work to some levels of success within privileged communities; while the behavior is looked down upon when non-white individuals pursue the rouse. A recent example being Kyle Rittenhouse's tears.

The question becomes, how can we begin to reconnect ..?

First you need to give me money ... which is a joke, but how often to we think that we will find a solution at the end of such a road ?!?

That path has no solutions able to last in the fire's of life; the solutions we seek, and need, are rather only further forged by experience. And it is for this reason that we start small, and we start simply ... we start with breathing.

Over the next few paragraphs I will describe a method of meditation that I've come across, and why I think it is beneficial to the work being proposed. I claim no expertise, and am only trying to articulate an opinioned perspective.

Battery Beings

Mantak Chia has written a large collection of books, while in his book, the Healing Energy of the Tao, he puts provides an illustrative, and accessible, structure. Though I will forego elaborate description, save to provide the following outline:

When we are in our mother's womb, we receive all of our energy, and dispose of all of our energy, via the umbilical cord. And so when we breathe, we might imagine energy to travel these same pathways.

When we inhale, energy enters through our belly-button travels down betwixt our legs, then travels up our spine. As we exhale, this energy continues to travel down the front of our chest, and again exiting our of our belly button.

Imagine this cycle as you breathe, carry this mental model with you as a way to momentarily meditate ... remove yourself from your surroundings, remember your breath, remember your being, remember your energy as a star shining amidst a billion others ... and then proceed.

This is only a simply model, meant to be used as a tool; in both exhilaration and exhaustion.

The wisest words I ever heard spoken, were by a young chap named Carl, who said, "Sometimes I'm the most mean when I'm the happiest ..."

We should never remember ourselves to the point of forgetting of others.

That is the importance of remembering ourselves, so we can see others more fully.

In our next piece we'll talk about how words can indicate attitudes, that if left unaddressed, can become fountains of destruction. And we'll begin to explore what we can do to thwart such situations, as well as counter bad-faith actors.

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