DreamFreely & Public Goods

DreamFreely & Public Goods

I'm just gonna dig right into it ...

By the end of Week 2 of the Rebel Coding program, students are able to build scrapers and add them to an application which tracks civic events (city council meetings, legislative sessions, and the like.)

Basically I built a UI around OpenStates, and then added a few more database variations to accommodate more nuance for Legislative events.

The idea is to pay the learners for their contributions.

The application is being build under the moniker ScreamFreely; and it also has its own internal products and services.

We are gathering incredibly valuable information, and I've built a few scrapers to get more information; then we can use natural language processing to analyze legislative policy against prevailing publicity.

But this is but the echo of a whisper ... namely, we will be gathering data that can rate limited; and for this interest in either increased API access, or to support our work, they may purchase an API key. In this manner we can monetize the platform, in support of paying the dev contributing scrapers.

Again, mind you this is but one idea ... I'm incredibly scared to speak publicly about anything I'm trying to do ... I've had my own child taken from me by the woman who raised me ... to say I've been traumatized would be an understatement.

Nonetheless, the work is good; and it can work ... I just need a bit more support; because let's face it ... I've gotten this far by receiving the least, imagine what could happen if I was treated humanely?

idioke is the same

Here' I've built two applications.

One to display music videos, along with their lyrics and audio recordings of the lyrics spoken w/o music. And another to upload these stores of knowledge.

Again, the idea it to pay individuals to upload this information, while putting a portion of the products behind a paywall. While providing a small suite of products through the idioke brand, available to those of all economic positions.

I'm not looking for a free-ride, I'm trying to equip my self with the tools I need to do the work I'm get at doing.

Now go get yourself some CANIN !!! It'll do us all good !

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