Learning Docker and Docker Compose the Easy Way

Learning Docker and Docker Compose the Easy Way
I'll continue to update this post as I proceed with the work ...

Step #1 ... have 10 years of coding under your belt, at least.

Seriously though, Docker needs you to have a baseline comprehension of the application ecosystem. You need to know how to a server, client and database interact, at least ... because that's what we're putting together.

My Methodology

First off, I go to YouTube and find a video that is fairly recent, depending on the topic, with a fair number of views; and I watch it at 2x the speed.

I just want to get a solid overview of the topic as a whole, and often times the videos include a git repo with the code for a tutorial that was followed.

So the next step is to copy the code !!

OMG, I'm just a kitty-scripter !!!

Not really, the code is often going to break; especially old github repos.

I mean, first, I just want to get something running; then I'll break it trying to modify the base ... and in this manner I'll begin to learn.

i.e. React to NextJS

I started off by just doing the basics, create-react-app ... and I can't remember where, but I found a video that said not to use that method ...

So I tried create-next-app ... and like magic, it broke the docker-compose file ...

This did get solved,  the next step is to create a more complicated React app using NextJS!

First things first ... what you need to know about docker !!!

With an anonymous account you can only pull 100 every six hours ~

docker-compose build client --no-cache is a command I find myself deploying often ...

So how did I learn Docker and Docker Compose in a week ...

This video provided the five-minute overview that got me back up to speed.

This video was a great follow-up, going more in-detail about the container interactions; with a fantastic github attached !

I'll be going to back to this video as it covers information more necessary once you start working with docker containers daily !