Spread the WORD!!!

Spread the WORD!!!

At some point in time, you just gotta jump.

And right now that mean Rebel Coding!!!

I've finally landed on a pricing scheme for the Crash Course that I'm comfortable with, and is able to expand in an amiable manner. Every seat includes eight lectures over four weeks; the variable is how much one-on-one times folks want with their instructors.

As well, the Email Course is available through Gumroad. Twelve emails over 14 days, with two follow-up emails. I've set the cost at $4, though there is a coupon at the bottom of the product description.

Rebel Coding Email Course

Rebel Coding Email Course
Coding isn’t difficult to learn; the difficult part is being consistent about studying and staying focused!Rebel Coding solves these issues by centering our program around building tools that immediately serve you!Our course provides a path, and a purpose, to help you learn, and discern, your option…

The Crash Course starts at $100 for 2 hours of 1-on-1 time during the course, plus an additional 20 minute on-boarding and exit-ramping meeting with Canin!

Home Page - Rebel Coding

Home Page - Rebel Coding
We provide the basics of web development. Using a Linux shell through your browser Rebel Coding gives you the resources, and coaching, to start your next evolution.

What are the 8 Steps?

They are groupings of information designed to be accessible and extensible.

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. JavaScript
  3. Python & Web Scrapers
  4. The (Simplified) Full Stack
  5. The Server via Django
  6. The Client via Vue
  7. NoCode / Get A Job /
  8. Mobile / Scaling & More

The Zero-eth Step

First we need to get you up and running with a Github account, so we can get you running on a Rebel Labs account ... so can you clone a few repositories.

In the process you'll being introduced to shell scripting, as well as git, two very useful skills to have; as well as SSH keys.

Once we've got that taken care of, we're ready to roll!


Let's dig into the basics where there are a few concepts that enforce for HTML, which we'll then carry over into CSS.

Designing (HTML), then decorating (CSS), our websites.

To be simplistic.


Now let's make our site interactive using JavaScript.

We'll learn the basic, formal, coding structures; such as if statements, variables, loops and more. Don't worry we've got templates to learn from, as well as class time, and 1-on-1 time to make sure you've got a solid grasp on it all!

Python & Web Scrapers

Next we'll take our new-found coding structures over to Python, where we'll combine it with our HTML/CSS knowledge to build web-scrapers.

This is it folks, we're gonna put it all together and make internet magic happen!

The (Simplified) Full Stack

What is the full-stack ... we'll explain the components of both the simplified full stack, as well as a more realistic in-production set-up.

The Server via Django

The server through django, adding our scrapers and see what it does, up-close.

The Client via Vue

The client through Vue, adding our scrapers and see what it does, up-close.

NoCode / Get A Job

Two options ...

Mobile / Scaling & More

Last class