Sunday Update ... on Sunday!!!

There's been quite a bit going on. Lots of positivity. And these updates' primary utility is as a tool to keep myself accountable every week – to recount my own progress, and look towards the moments on the horizon ... so that said ... let us begin ...

Sunday Update ... on Sunday!!!

Oh wow, this is actually going to get sent out before Monday, even by Eastern Standard Time boundaries!!! Kinda proud of myself, so much so ... I'm sorry that this isn't excellently edited ... it's the thought that counts, right?

I've actually written quite a bit this past week, comparatively ... mainly ramblings, but at times some semblance of direction:

A Whole New DAO
A new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us “No”; or where to go … or say we’re only dreaming …

And before that:

Crypto Native
Many may feel that calling themselves a *-native anything is merely an accurate use of a word. When the repeated, diluted use of the term does perpetuate an erasure of the genocide enacted to create our shared reality. Little things matter.

I am diving more into the web3, formerly known as crypto, space ... which I'm excited about after having gained information I sought.

Apparently a simple Google search is more computationally expensive than Solana transaction; which is the currency I will primarily access. And yes, you read that I right, I have not ruled out Ethereum entirely ...

OMG ~ I know, I'm a horrible person ... but before we get into all of this; which I'm not entirely sure we will ... let's review some other happenings ...

idioke Daily ... is down ...

I totally bombed this week; though, oh yea, I'm at my new place, and besides that party happening, because it's a holiday weekend, it's a really great place.

Right now, I'm debating whether or not to go out tonight, or continue writing; my computer was acting a little funny ..., but seems to be working fine now ... so ... I'll continue to write.

I'm not mad about dropping idioke for a week; I'm coming back stronger; I know exactly what I'm doing now. I've got my list of products organized ... though, I think I still need to supply the social share data, let's see ... ~ yup, but the site is up to a place where ... it does what it needs to do, to hopefully catch who I seek to catch; just eight folks every month ... You're right, the only thing it's missing are testimonials form former students, which ... that survey is being sent out tomorrow.

The goal is to have students waitlisting by January ... and be able to keep a full roster thereafter ... which introduces another concept that I'll be doing a test of run for these next few weeks — English Lunches - Every Wednesday at 12pm UTC-5

The Other Monthly Courses

Rebel Coding and Manifesting Empathy are getting introduced as one-month courses this January! The outlines are formed; and five spots will be available for each course. Or at least that's how big the cohorts will be ... What if I get a waitlist ..?

The idea will be to go hard for the first four months, then relax and reflect on the fifth.

Both programs have solid structures for each four-week session; and the idea will be to cap each cohort at five participants. This will keep things manageable for me; while running a total of four cohorts each month will only expend 28 hours per week; leaving time for other activities; albeit only a few ...

As soon as possible I will seek to offload the Rebel Coding teaching to others; and I myself will focus on creating our next rounds of coursework. And in reconsideration, Manifesting Empathy be a one-cohort per month kind of course ...

As a matter-of-fact, I just discerned the entire schedule for the year ...

  • Season 1: January-April
  • Off-Season: May
  • Season 2: June-August
  • Off-Season: September
  • Short-Season: October-December

The last season being a short-season because the last three weeks of December will always be mostly vacation — while January classes will likely be reduced as well.

Season 1 Goals

Do you call it getting sidetracked, when the work become publishable content?

Both to name a goal, and hold myself accountable ... here are the season #1 goals:

Organize the Discord like BanklessDAO. They've really made the process educational and fun ~ it's super cool!! The goal is to make the entrance into the DFL just as inspiring.

Off-load the lectures. This is for both Rebel Coding and Manifesting Empathy.

The initial Rebel Coding course is truly a beginner course; and therefore is an excellent instrument for new developers to hone their knowledge by teaching ? I will continue to teach the course throughout the first season, though each month's cohort will be encouraged to eavesdrop on subsequent lectures. Perhaps they'll even be paid to do so?

And in this manner these students will prepare to teach the course in Season 2.

Manifesting Empathy is a strictly structured course with respect to the topic, and their progression. Though within this framework their is considerable space to play; and this provides us an opportunity to off-load my lecture time, while paying, actual domain experts.

Again, the course is designed to be an introduction; while incentives will extend beyond the one-month course, for participants.


This is a whole other platform, and so the goal are narrowed accordingly.

We aspire to formalize the lesson database, and begin transition to

using a platform such a Twilio; or using bots more adeptly, with Telegram.

Next we hope to expand the monthly program; by adding more instructors.

As well, we will complete Daily program for learning Spanish.

Lastly, we will begin building the idioke Library; this means adding songs to our Library, in concert with a small community of contributors.

Alright, solid Sunday update for the public.

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