Tired but trying ...

Tired but trying ...

This is going to be quick update.

Every dollar earned digitally is now being deposited in a business bank account at Sunrise Banks.

DreamFreely.Org is up and running; with products to sell: websites, and apparel, and virtual conferences ... I'm thinking.

PLEASE, check out the website and lmk what you think; it's TwinCities Startup Week this week, and I'm using this to network – any suggestions ?

I also got CultureClap.com back up and running; with a list of all of the projects currently in open-rotation ... The mark of a true web-developer ... they make all of their personal sites using WordPress because it's just simply easier ! jaja

As well as another product called Ex0-CTO; where I help those as a non-equity-holding technical co-founder for 12 months.

ALSO – I'm so excited about this — idioke.com is back up and running.

Language pronunciation through tongue twisters.

Total update ~ just tongue-twisters now.

And each one has about seven languages that it is translated into automatically; as I wrote a script to access the Deepl API; though may run to the Google API as well, for languages Deepl doesn't service.

I've also started a new project called FUCK VANITY.

This is was an idea that serves two-purposes.

1) I built a drop-shipping apparel company using WordPress, WooCommerce, Printful and Stripe.

2) The current line serves as a base for generating income and funding genderqueer clothing, and designers.

While I also started making branded clothing for DreamFreely; which I'm likely going to start wearing more myself. FuckVanity remains a fun experiment, and an idea that I would like to keep around.

Over the past few days I've been helping a friend make a short-film that will premier at the end of the month at a small theater in South Minneapolis.

This work has put me in contact with a few other opportunities to apply for grants.

Two specific projects are being pursued.

1) A rebirth of the Street Teachers series; though this time we'll be featuring international artists with Minnesota connections.

2) A free digital-art gallery accessed via the WiFi points of local businesses.

About that short-film ... https://www.50804.net

50804 – Do ya like PEAS ?

And about that Digital Art Museum: https://dam.dreamfreely.org

I am a finalist for a web developer position that would be wonderful.

I'll hear back in a few weeks they said.

Oh, I also connected with an organization called NextStage; and they are going to help me with marketing; I've got 15 to book with a marketing advisor for all things DreamFreely, though I'd like to focus on the WordPress Bootcamp I've recently designed.

The plus being that I know the advisor, as they are the one who introduced me to the organization in the first place!!

So I'm gonna keep on trying ~~

dealing with lots of emotional stuff ... one breath at a time

Oh, and I'm recording music with Cello; the acoustic stuff, we've got some solid takes!

Thank you all for your presence in this world, and my life.