The Problem with Earning ETH

If web3 wants to be accessed by the masses it needs to be accessible to the masses; a populace who are already inundated with stresses beyond measure.

The Problem with Earning ETH

I can't spend it ... the opportunity cost isn't worth it ...

While I have things I need to tend to now ... or sure, they will say, if you've got a little then invest the time to get the right NFTs, etc ... I'm not trying to play that game; I have things I need to tend to now ...

While again, the idea that NFTs are little more than digital baseball cards (who's making the Beckett's guide for NFTs?) is foolishness ...

Can they be ?

That's the question to ask and explore ... while I won't claim to have an answer.

The fact remains, if the ecosystem expects others to interact with it, then it needs to be more amenable to outside individuals attempting to build connections.

What You Mean? Can't Spend.

Ethereum is great for saving ... it will likely grow; and this is of more value than the immediate conversion to cash.

While the expense of that conversation, again, makes it an exclusive, and exclusionary, event ... It needs to be well chosen, because the aim is to minimize regret ... wtf ?!?

This compounds mental anxiety and so, looking at opportunity costs, all said and done ... the best bet is to just let it sit ~ it's a weight on the heart and mind either way, this is the path of least harm.

Those in the web3 community want to talk about how web3 is supposed to be this great mechanism of equalization ... when this mentality operates more like a cult than anything else ... if you want to be saved, buy an NFT ... but if you buy the wrong one ... well you need to do better research, it happens to us all; but if you can't sustain the loss ... maybe you shouldn't have played the game ... Which is a really sick cycle of thought ... though is more akin to the behavior enacted, than not.

If web3 wants to be accessed by the masses it needs to be accessible to the masses; a populace who are already inundated with stresses beyond measure.

Ethereum is not.

I'm thankful for what little I have, though future payments will be need to be in Solana or USD on the Solana chain ... until I can get that side of my finances up and running.

The Goal of Stability

It is in my nature to work ... work is love made visible ... work is walking with the land and dancing with the moment ... work is writing these words and hoping your can smile with the rhymes written in-between the lines because language should be fun and life wondrous  ...

The goal is to get idioke and Rebel Coding up and running, which is a matter of six months and marketing, twelve months for each to be autonomous projects ... that problem I spoke of earlier, about Ethereum not being accessible ... this work is meant to give folks the foundation to make Ethereum accessible.

While the aforementioned projects are digital pillars Comuna Colombia brings this ethos into the real world, combining art with activism in a way that can only be achieved by the power of web3.

And here we begin to close the circle of opportunity ... where those in the most humbling of places can begin their journey to safety and abundance.

This is what I seek to continue building ... as over the years, this is what I have been building, both for myself out of necessity, and for others for the same reason.

If my neighbor is in danger, how am I not ?

This is not about being my brother's keeper, this is about us being a community ...

Though there are two prerequisites to community, written right into the word:

Communication + Unity

And when we communicate, we can't be afraid of what we might hear ...

While that phrase cannot be used as a cudgel to further oppress the already marginalized; though often is, and will continue to be, because it's easy.

I seek to work with those who are willing to work to break that cycle and forge a new path, and create new opportunities.

Will we make mistakes ?

Yes, quite naturally, but they will be different mistakes; and to start, they will be highly calculated ... DreamFreely Labs, not DreamFreely Free For All ...

Defining Accessibility

Not everything needs to be free, not all access needs to be allowed.

People deserve personalize lives, everyone deserves safety, and refuge, privacy.

Though when it comes to tools, those without economic means should always have more than minimal access ... for the idioke tool, we are considering to have no less than 30% of the content be free; and the remainder accessible for a price that can be recouped once within the ecosystem ... because ... web3 be like that :)

If you're outside the system, enable a way to get in ... which ... we are also building ... to be honest, many of our first users will be individuals entirely new to web3, and will realize it as nothing more than a means of getting paid; that will be it's sole utility.

And this is good ... this is right; rather than telling people that they need to buy an NFT ... they need buy nothing, rather they will be more enabled to enjoy the fruits of their labor, to buy the things that they want, having done quality internet work, and being paid enough to make the effort more than worth the while.

Where it all begins ...

It all begins by saying that enough is enough ...

That one has enough ... and that others are enough ...

From this place communities are able to flourish to their full potential.

When those who have excess do not feel prohibited from sharing, and those who have less need not ask for more; as it is so freely given ...

Because what matter these measured stones compared to clean air and water, nutritious food, and good friends?


And if you try to argue with me, I will call you a fool and walk away, because you are not worth the time expended.

And so I am able to say enough ... or to start, with the number $500 ... because via web3 ... with about $40-50k ... I can live off of the interest ... of which can easily be $500.*

Each month, I'm sure that my labor can earn more than just this amount; and so a little can be placed into the saving's pile ... and the remainder can be reinvested back into the lab, so that more people can get paid and our projects more sustainably grow.

Because like I said, the only thing the projects need is marketing ... I'm an orphan ... my network is largely composed of people who tried to use me and were frustratingly unsuccessful ... jaja

Anywho, now I'm just rambling ... but y'all get the gist ~

I'm gonna go do something else now ... writing is fun :)

Thanks for reading

Eventually this number will grow by increments capped at $2,000 per month, as a monthly living stipend for myself. While as an organize we will help educate others on the process of using an LLC to manage one's business finances and expenditures.

DreamFreely Labs is meant to be a place of education and research. Teaching is an adversarial way neglecting that we are all learners, and life is the teacher.